Visionarios 2021

Visionarios 2021

3 Seasons

Hombre, este es tu tiempo de resurgir al llamado y a la visión, este es el tiempo dispuesto por Dios para los hombres Visionarios, aquellos hombres que conquistarán cada área de sus vidas porque la mano de Dios los dirige y los guía hacia la victoria.

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Visionarios 2021
  • Building a relationship of discipleship with your child - Pastor Ron Luce

    Episode 1

  • Discipling men - Pastor Clive Harding

    Episode 2

    We can learn how to pour the life of Jesus into each one of our disciples and spread the gospel through our example, through formation and through love for the men God entrusts to us.

  • God wants to prosper us - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 3

    Everything begins with God´s dream for our lives. God has a destiny for each one of us and He desires for us to be prosperous. The Word prosperity means to have a good journey. That is what the Lord desires us to have, a good journey on this earth.

  • The attitude of a visionary - Pastor Saul Salamanca

    Episode 4

    Maybe you have fallen but the Lord desires to lift you up and place you in His purpose. Maybe you fell by accident but you will not reach the goal accidentally... get up and go!

  • The power of redemption - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 5

    Jesus was the only One who could be the author of humanity´s redemption. Don´t live in a lost world any longer, Christ already won everything for you. In this sermon, you will come to know the redemptive work of Jesus and be reconciled with the Father.

  • Men and the battle - Doctor Jeff Voth

    Episode 6

    We need to understand that because we have the DNA of Jesus, we have the subtsance of faith within. We have the resources within us; when we pray, we become visionaries and conquerors.

  • The grace of love - Pastor Emma Claudia Castellanos

    Episode 7

    Love moves us to have compassion. The church of Christ needs to demonstrate genuine love. This is an invitation to help people experience the love that Jesus has for them so that those who come to know Him through our preaching will experience their true value in Christ.

  • I'm a winner - Pastor Orlando Castañeda

    Episode 8

    You will learn practical tips from ordinary people who want to be used by God to share the gospel with others. No matter your job or where you live, you can be a soul winner.

  • Mauricio Olarte interview - Pastor Fernando Ramos

    Episode 9

    Watch this great testimony of Mauricio Olarte, a successful entrepreneur. He persevered believing in his dream and with his family moved forward taking steps of faith and God led him to explore new fields where he could see the answer in his financial area. And you, what dream you have? Do you b...

  • The prayer of Jabez - Pastor Eliemerson Proenca

    Episode 10

    There are people who born with a destiny that is not bright from birth; but a prayer at the right time, a specific and clear prayer, can change the course of your life!

  • Wilson Morelo interview - Pastor Jhon Espinosa

    Episode 11

    When he met Jesus his life changed and in spite of the adversities he persisted and persists in the way of God thanks to having people with the fear of God around him.

  • Chosen generation - Pastor César Castellanos

    Episode 12

    Realizing we have the DNA of Jesus helps us understand that we have the substance of faith within us, we have the resources we need whenever we go to prayer, we are visionaries and we are conquerors.

  • A real encounter - Pastor César Castellanos

    Episode 13

    We all need to have an encounter with Jesus, an encounter where God will transform our life: Through an encounter you will be able to experience: Salvation assurance, inner healing, freedom, be filled with the Holy Spirit, and encounter gives us vision. We invite you to discover how to be able to...

  • Martin Smith Interview - Pastor Julian Gamba

    Episode 14

    We can teach our families how to love God through our example and direction by giving place to each other. Our responsibility is to connect each member of our family to the Lord and His service."

  • A pilgrim's heart - Pastor Laudjair Guerra

    Episode 15

    A pilgrim is someone who travels long distances to a holy place. Do you want to know if you are taking the right steps to find that place God has prepared for you? We encourage you to never stray from your purpose and make the best decisions in your life.

  • Family freedom - Pastors Laudjair and Lau Guerra

    Episode 16

    These days we see people and families in slavery. What can we do to live that freedom? How can we apply these 10 principles on a daily basis to see victory? Remember; God has already given us the victory over our family, it's just a matter of taking it.