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Originales 2019

We are chosen, not deserving - Pastor Rich Harding


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  • Resistance - Pastor Julián Flechas

    When we accept Christ and introduce ourselves to society as Christians we can suffer persecution. The enemy will always look for methods to make us fall. We live in the midst of a war that is not physical but spiritual, but that materializes through people. Resist!

  • Supreme love - Pastor María José Anaya

    In moments of difficulty and pain, the true emptiness of the heart is discovered. No love can be compared to the love of God who gave everything for you. We need to understand what love is.

  • An original design - Pastor Manuela H...

    To be original we must be one with the Holy Spirit. Going back to the original is to understand that we have a mission as a church and that the Lord wants to raise up young people as pillars and foundations for His church.