Originales 2019

Originales 2019

3 Seasons

Ser original en un mundo que propone cosas incorrectas es ser valiente y hacer lo opuesto a lo que todo el mundo está haciendo. Es por eso que Dios ha llamado una generación de jóvenes a ser original y tener una marca de santidad. Por medio de estos mensajes Dios pondrá ese sello de identidad de Cristo en tu vida.

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Originales 2019
  • What are you doing here? - Pastor Michelle de Boer

    Episode 1

    What are you doing here? That is what God asked Elijah when he was experiencing deep sadness and discouragement. If this sounds like something you are going through, remember that God wants to strengthen you. He wants you to understand that He is the only One who has control over your life and Hi...

  • Wake me up - Pastor Sara Castellanos

    Episode 2

    When we understand that we are not living according to the original plan, we pray and change comes. This time is crucial, there is no place for spiritual lukewarmness, we must surrender 100% to the Lord.

  • Be original - Pastor Sara Castellanos

    Episode 3

    When the enemy entered paradise to deceive Adam and Eve, he wanted to destroy God´s original plan. Before Jesus came to earth, man searched for the original plan God had created for him. However, because of Adam's sin, man had to live as a copy of the original man. But from before the foundation ...

  • Leadership that bears fruit - Pastor César Castellanos

    Episode 4

    God has given every young person the ability to positively influence the lives of others. It is important that you give it to Him so that He can use you correctly. Through an encounter with Christ, your life can be transformed and you can become an instrument of blessing in His hands. Your nation...

  • The offering that pleases God - Pastor César Castellanos

    Episode 5

    God does not give us a roadmap, He teaches us to obey and depend on Him. Our obedience cannot be partial, the Lord wants us to live by faith and not by sight.

  • We are chosen, not deserving - Pastor Rich Harding

    Episode 6

    We are chosen, not deserving. Sometimes, as believers, we go through trials in our minds. Thoughts come that bring insecurities, but our confidence is that we have been predestined to be children of God before the foundation of the world.

  • Resistance - Pastor Julián Flechas

    Episode 7

    When we accept Christ and introduce ourselves to society as Christians we can suffer persecution. The enemy will always look for methods to make us fall. We live in the midst of a war that is not physical but spiritual, but that materializes through people. Resist!

  • Supreme love - Pastor María José Anaya

    Episode 8

    In moments of difficulty and pain, the true emptiness of the heart is discovered. No love can be compared to the love of God who gave everything for you. We need to understand what love is.

  • An original design - Pastor Manuela Harding

    Episode 9

    To be original we must be one with the Holy Spirit. Going back to the original is to understand that we have a mission as a church and that the Lord wants to raise up young people as pillars and foundations for His church.

  • Who am I going to marry? - Pastor Johanna Proenca

    Episode 10

    We spend a lot of time preparing for a career, but how long have you been preparing for the second most important decision of your life? Start preparing yourself now!

  • Comes with warranty - Pastor Erika Berríos

    Episode 11

    Joseph's robe of many colors was original and made him different from his brothers. Likewise our Father made us with an original design in our identity, our personality, even in our relationship with Him and in that lies our value.

  • Original freedom - Pastor Felipe Salamanca

    Episode 12

    The church of the Galatians wanted to reach Christ by their own means, but you cannot follow Jesus having your eyes on the world. The Galatians yearned for the pleasures of the world because they still did not know the freedom that was in Christ.

  • Who do you belong to? - Pastor Laudjair Guerra

    Episode 13

    In our worst moments is when the enemy attacks our identity and asks us, ¨Whose are you and where are you from?¨. Perhaps you have felt abandoned by the church, by your family, but the Lord does not care about your past. He bought you, You belong to Your Redeemer.

  • How to be radical - Pastor Sara Castellanos

    Episode 14

    The Lord gave it all for us and wants us to give our all to Him, therefore, we must tear down every idol from our hearts. The heart is deceitful and for this reason, we must ask the Lord for discernment so as not to be slaves to the pleasures of this world.

  • What are you willing to die for? - Pastor Julián Gamba

    Episode 15

    We must live for a purpose greater than ourselves and have the conviction that living for God is truly worth it. Without God life has no purpose and without purpose life has no meaning, without meaning, life has no hope.

  • Unstoppable - Pastor Orlando Castañeda

    Episode 16

    We are called to turn the entire world upside down with the gospel of the cross. Now is your time to take up your calling, if you don't, others will turn the world upside down with the wrong ideologies. We are the Mathias generation!.