Atalayas 2022

Atalayas 2022

4 Seasons

Ver desde lo alto nos permite tener un panorama más claro de lo que sucede para tomar decisiones correctas. Cuando miramos desde lo natural, las decisiones que tomamos nos llevan a la frustración y abandonamos lo que hemos sido llamados a hacer.

Esta Convención cambiará la visión de cada hombre, aprenderá a tomar decisiones en equipo. Y podrá ser un punto de referencia de hombres que han alcanzado el favor de Dios.

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Atalayas 2022
  • Rich and with no worries - Pastor Julián Flechas

    Episode 1

    God's blessing is the richness that comes without any worries. Remove every argument in your thinking, the Lord longs to bless you. If you want to access God's blessings stop thinking poorly. Change your way of thinking and be born to faith.

  • Jesus comes before the miracle happens - Prophet Ronny Oliveira

    Episode 2

    When God doesn't work a miracle in you it is because He wants to do it through you, you can be the answer to someone else's prayer. Don't get tired of serving the Lord, God will surprise you in your service. Cry out to the Lord, because the cry awakens Jesus and makes him stand up. There are crie...

  • What to do with your sexual impulses? - Pastor Laudjair Guerra

    Episode 3

    Friends are the greatest influence in the life of a human being, so set up a shield of protection by choosing the right friends. Through this message, you will learn principles to control your body, to be a man who says No to sin and who thinks about the consequences of his actions.

  • Anointing of multiplication - Pastor Eliemerson Proenca

    Episode 4

    There is no need to be worried, God will take care of you and your children, your barns will be full and you will lack nothing! Despite the years the Lord will renew your strength for the conquer, but do not forget the promises of the Lord.

  • Take the first step, get determined to serve - Pastor Emma Claudia Castellanos

    Episode 5

    Learn through the life of Joshua to have a servant's heart. Serving will form humility in you. In the church God's vision is realized through service, it is in service that the church is cared and shepherded. Remember, the service brings growth.

  • Workshop: Raising a faithful priesthood - Pastors Barrios

    Episode 6

    Prayer is the secret to keep the family together. The Lord longs for you to serve Him but also to raise up a priestly family, an offspring for Him. The priest is called to serve his family and be an example. If you long to become that priest, start walking with God's anointed every day of your li...

  • The power of faithfulness - Pastor Laudjair Guerra

    Episode 7

    God's blessing is with those who are faithful. If you don't decide to solve your unfaithfulness, you won't be able to be close to God.
    The faithful is a storehouse of all blessings, be prepared to overabound.
    Through this message, know the blessings of faithfulness.

  • Watch your garden - Prophet Ronny Oliveira

    Episode 8

    God has given you a garden, your family. Watching over the garden is taking care of the most precious thing God has given you, take care of your family! That is your responsibility as a man.
    You are the head of your household and the direction your family is going depends on what you see, what yo...

  • Redeemed from the curse - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 9

    The enemy tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden and the woman fell into the trap, the first couple opened the door to sin, but Jesus in the desert overcame the temptation. The enemy wanted to seduce Jesus with material things, which is the same strategy that he is currently using. Once Jesus overcame...

  • The man who understands - Pastor Rich Harding

    Episode 10

    The man who understands the Word of God in the right way, understands its power. If you read the Word and believe it, it will change your life. Remember that to understand God's will you must die to your own. Let yourself be shaped by the Father's heart.

  • Workshop: Fatherhood and multiplication - Pastor Rafael Perez

    Episode 11

    When someone has received a correct fatherhood he has a healthy identity and has no problem knowing who he is in God and what his purpose is.
    The Father doesn't love your works he just loves you because you are his child. Don't allow anyone or anything to change your status as a child of God. The...

  • The difference between David and Saul - Pastor Rafael Perez

    Episode 12

    David's school was brokenness, God used different circumstances to shape David's character.
    Learn how to differentiate between being used by God and being approved, one thing is the power of the Spirit and another the fruit of the Spirit, one thing is the gifts and another the character.