Volviendo al Original 2019

Volviendo al Original 2019

6 Seasons

Volviendo al original no es retroceder; es más bien tomar la decisión de ser quien Dios en su propósito predetermino con tu vida. Implica preparar tu corazón para retomar la ruta que el señor planeó para tu vida. En esta serie de mensajes encontrarás invitados como los Profetas Bill Hammon y Cindy Jacobs ¡Disfrútala!

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Volviendo al Original 2019
  • Prepare for battle - Prophet Bill Hamon

    Episode 1

    As leaders, we should be aware that day by day we experience attacks from the enemy. Understanding principles of spiritual warfare will help us stand strong and prevent any opposition from being raised up against your life.

  • Olga's mirror - Pastor Olga Morales

    Episode 2

    Examine your life and ask yourself who you are trying to please or who has been influencing the image you have of yourself. We have several mirrors in our lives, including what we see, what others see in us, but whose opinion is the one influencing you? Remember that the most important thing is t...

  • The power of a seed - Prophet Cindy Jacobs (Español - English)

    Episode 3

    The first command our Creator gave was: Be fruitful and multiply. God wants you to be able to bear fruit in everything you do. But everything starts with a seed. How much are you willing to sow to be able to see fruit? To see growth, we need to sow in our families, our personal lives, our relatio...

  • Recovering what was lost - Pastor Orlando Castañeda

    Episode 4

    Sharpen your ax and remember that it is not too late to recover all that the enemy tried to steal from you when you allowed discouragement or when your relationship with God started to dry up. This message will encourage you to believe that if God has called you, He will sustain you and bring His...

  • Year of increased joy - Prophet Cindy Jacobs (Español - English)

    Episode 5

    Regardless of the attacks of the enemy and difficult circumstances, God has called you, as part of His church, to keep on growing in joy in your life. God has called you to advance and conquer. Never allow anything to steal your joy.

  • The third reformation of the church - Prophet Bill Hamon (Español - English)

    Episode 6

    Learn about the seven mountains of culture and how every nation will become either a sheep or goat nation. During this reformation, the restoration of all the things spoken by the apostles and prophets will come to pass,

  • We have found favor - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 7

    When we find favor before the Lord, we can draw close to His throne and make our requests, trusting that the Lord will answer. Our nations need more intercessors to stand in the gap for their cities and find favor before the Lord to hold back the negative decrees that have been raised up.

  • God is my rock - Pastor Eliemerson Proenca

    Episode 8

    If God is for you, who can be against you? When you trust in the Lord with all your heart, He can deliver you from even the most difficult situations. He is your Rock.

  • Understanding the times we are living in - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 9

    Understanding the call of God means understanding that He has placed you in a specific time

  • Just one thing - Pastor Gloria Salamanca

    Episode 10

    Have you been a pastor or leader for many years? God is again extending an invitation to you to dwell in His courts and to reignite the fire through deep communion with Him. The time we spend with the Lord in the secret place makes all the difference in our ministries. We need to keep the main th...

  • The power of spiritual warfare - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 11

    Many believers have become stagnant and unable to advance in different areas but they simply need to learn the power there is in spiritual warfare, taking control of the attacks of the enemy, believing that the Lord is with them.

  • The Verdict: Musical

    Episode 12

    There is only one true sacrifice of love that frees people from the slavery of sin, and that sacrifice now allows us to enter and receive the grace of the Father. Now it is our turn to go to others and teach them the true message of the cross has come.

  • The price - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 13

    When Jesus came to redeem us on the cross, it was necessary for Him to pay a price: His blood, but He didn't do it because of our good actions or because we deserved it, He gave Himself by grace.

  • Walking in the Father's will - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 14

    Jesus set us an example in everything He did and His life was characterized by His obedience to the Father. Our goal should be to have such a close relationship with the Lord that we are willing to surrender our own wills, surrendering to the Father our right to make our own decisions. Although w...

  • Time to evangelize - Prophet Cindy Jacobs (Español - English)

    Episode 15

    This is a generation that needs the anointing of evangelism, so that we can be willing to give our lives to preach the gospel and bring in that great harvest that will come worldwide. Do you want to be part of this? Receive a powerful anointing to reawaken the call as an evangelist and be part of...

  • El precio - Ps Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 16

  • Raising a generation for God - Pastor Manuela Castellanos

    Episode 17

    God is looking for families of purpose because the holiness of the nations will come when the hearts of the children return to their parents and the hearts of the parents return to their children. We encourage you to always take care of your family as a prioritiy and to allow your example to be a...

  • Blessed families - Pastor Laudjair Guerra

    Episode 18

    Raising a preistly family is a responsibility we have been given. When God thinks about you, He thinks about your family because He knows that the best cover letter for the ministry is a family that fears the Lord. Get ready to receive a powerful message that will help you receive the blessing on...

  • The table - Pastor Johanna Castellanos

    Episode 19

    We follow Jesus' steps and make it our goal to imitate Him in all He did with His disciples: He formed them, He taught them, He loved them, and He brought deep revelations to their lives while sharing time with them. Sit at Jesus' table to receive the banquet He has prepared for you.

  • The proposal - Pastor Sara Castellanos

    Episode 20

    God is looking for people who will make a covenant with Him, people committed to entering a new level of intimacy and surrender. If God made a covenant with you, it is because He will fulfill every one of the promises mentioned in His commitment to you.

  • Let’s make the earth tremble - Pastor Julian Gamba

    Episode 21

    When we do the ministry, we need to understand that the goal is that God would be glorified. Many ministries arise with personal motives, but that destroys the work. If you are a pastor or leader, remember that we are just instruments and that the ministry belongs and will always belong to the Lord.

  • Exchanging the curse for blessing - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 22

    Although we live in a world where the enemy wants to deceive and enslave us to the pleasures of this life, Jesus redeemed us on the cross from the curse and set us free so that we could enjoy His blessings.

  • Your kingdom come - Pastor Emma Claudia Castellanos

    Episode 23

    Why should a Christian get involved in government in a nation? From the beginning, God created man to govern the earth and this includes the political spheres in society. Many men of God in the Bible were used by Him to exercise political roles and to be light in their nation. Today, the call is ...

  • A life of gratitude - Pastor Lorena Castellanos

    Episode 24

    When you worship God and you have gratitude in your heart, He raises you above your enemies. When a child of God goes through a time of testing, the difference is they have a heart of gratitude, regardless of what they are going through.