Visión G12 "La escalera del éxito"

Visión G12 "La escalera del éxito"

4 Seasons

¡Tu iglesia puede experimentar un crecimiento sin precedentes implementando la escalera del éxito!

Dentro de la Visión G12 hemos establecido cuatro pasos que nos permiten desarrollar un trabajo ministerial efectivo: Ganar, Consolidar, Discipular y Enviar. A estos pasos los llamamos "La escalera del éxito" y en esta serie podrás conocerlos.

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Visión G12 "La escalera del éxito"
  • Workshop: Roof breakers - Pastor Orlando Castañeda

    Episode 1

    The roof breakers don't stop under any circumstance, they are part of the vision which is to win souls for Jesus. God wants you to be committed to win others, don't be satisfied with just receiving the message for yourself, share it with others.

  • Workshop: Protective watchman - Pastor Carlos Iriarte

    Episode 2

    The process of consolidation requires perseverance.
    It takes men with a compassionate heart to consolidate the fruit, but for that you must assume a paternal attitude, it all depends on having a healthy heart. Show a genuine interest in your disciples and make them your children by faith. Be par...

  • Workshop: It’s time - Pastor Jorge Rojas

    Episode 3

    Discipleship is to reproduce the character of Christ in a new believer. You can' t disciple others if you are not a disciple first. Focus on making your twelve disciples. Follow Jesus' example in discipleship and you will have tremendous growth!

  • Workshop: Fulfill the Great Commission - Pastor Esteban Chaves

    Episode 4

    As you grow in faith, you begin to put God's dream before yours, God's dream is to win souls.
    Long for the challenge to grow and multiply spiritually.
    It pays to serve the Lord, if you serve Him all blessings will follow you.
    Follow God's dream and He will make your dreams a reality.