Visión 2020

Visión 2020

4 Seasons

Dios es el visionario más grande que existe, toda la creación fue producto de Su Visión y el hombre fue creado con este mismo propósito: “Entonces dijo Dios: Hagamos al hombre a nuestra imagen, conforme a nuestra semejanza” (Génesis 1:26).
La semejanza nos habla de lo interno, por lo que podemos entender que Dios reprodujo Su carácter en el hombre, dándole la habilidad de soñar y de tener visión.

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Visión 2020
  • Rhema word - Pastor Oriel Ballano

    Episode 1

    Every year, you should have a word from the Bible that encourages you, protects you and guides you in your new year. Without a word, you will be moved by your emotions, you will try to do something and fail, but if you are moved by the Word of God, that word will guarantee you success.

  • The secret of 2020 vision - Pastor Julian Gamba

    Episode 2

    If you are a leader and you want to live in the fullness of the call of God on your life, this message will teach you that every process God leads you through is more important than the results you achieve. One day, you will look back and see that the path God led you on transformed you into the ...

  • The power of hope - Pastor Eliemerson Proenca

    Episode 3

    The first thing God created was light. God wants to dispel the darkness so that you can clearly see what God wants to do in your life. Learn how to overcome opposition and complete the mission God has called you to, just as Nehemiah did. ¡Enjoy this message!

  • A true encounter - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 4

    Since creation, God has had a marvellous plan for humanity: that we would be His masterpiece. This makes the enemy want to deceive and destroy us. He attempts to do this through different strategies but when God wants to reach a life, He searches for ways for us to have an encounter with Him, tra...

  • Priestly families - Pastor Johanna Castellanos

    Episode 5

    A priestly family is one that serves the Lord and understands that every family member has been called to serve Him. The call of God on our lives is not just for us as individuals, but for all of our house. It is your responsibility to extend this legacy to your family. The Bible is our manual fo...

  • Remember your vision - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 6

    We must learn to identify everything that opposes our family, financial and ministerial blessing. Through this message Pastor Cesar teaches us in a practical way how to resist the attacks of the enemy in our lives through the Blood of Jesus and our confession. Enjoy this message!

  • Gospel bearers - Pastor Art Sepulveda (Español - English)

    Episode 7

    We have been called to transform the world through the gospel, but we need to ask the Lord to open our eyes so that we can see the vision and understand our purpose. The Lord has entrusted us with the truths of the gospel and the responsibility of sharing the gospel with others!

  • Time to awaken - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 8

    As Christians, the Lord calls us to protect our nations through prayer. Our most powerful weapon is the blood of Jesus. Given that the Word says that the people of God perished because of a lack of knowledge, we need to ask the Holy Spirit for understanding to know how to pray and for the Word to...

  • Forgive and remove arguments - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 9

    Have you found it hard to forgive? We are the ones who are most affected when we don't forgive because unforgiveness prevents us from really connecting to God, leaves wounds in our hearts and opens a door to bitterness. We invite you to watch this powerful message and discover the power of forgiv...

  • The cell vision - Pastor Rich Harding

    Episode 10

    Cell groups are small meetings that a leader holds once a week in a home. The goal of each meeting is to win new people for Jesus, and to help those people grow in every area, based on the Word of God. Find out more during this message.

  • Mantle of anointing - Prophet Ronny Oliveira

    Episode 11

    There is a specific anointing waiting for you, a call that only you can fulfill for His glory. Do not put your hand to the plow and look back if God called you to do the ministry. Keep going and reach the goal of the high calling because there is a crown for those who wear out their lives to prea...

  • Year of vision - Prophet Ronny Oliveira

    Episode 12

    This message is for those who walk by sight but not by vision, sight is what you can see with your eyes but a vision is what you can see with your soul and with the promises that God has given you. With this message you will receive a vision for what is to come for your calling.

  • When you love, you will multiply - Pastor Esteban Chaves

    Episode 13

    Have you learned how to love others as Jesus loves them? This summarises the principle of multiplication; the more you love your neighbor, the more God will entrust you with responsibilities.

  • Experiencing the Glory of God - Reverend Benny Hinn (Español - English)

    Episode 14

    We need the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit daily to be able to continue serving the Lord with all our heart. How long has it been since you felt the glory of God? It's time to understand that without the presence of God, it is impossible to have a fresh anointing for your calling and the missi...

  • The church that return - Pastor Lau Guerra

    Episode 15

    God is seeking sons and daughters. Theology and training will never fill our hearts as the love of God does. Our goal is to discover the depth of God's love as a father and to draw close to Him with the spirit of adoption that cries out ""Abba Father."""

  • The riches of the blood of Jesus - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 16

    Discover how each of the times Jesus shed blood has become a victory the Lord has given us. Learn about the weapons you have in prayer and how to apply them so that you can live in complete victory, becoming a conqueror who will reach thousands for the Lord.

  • The life of a disciple - Pastor Sara Castellanos

    Episode 17

    Spiritual disciplines allow us to conquer a new level in our calling. We encourage you to pray and read the Word daily and to develop habits that differentiate you as a true disciple of Jesus so that you can be light in this generation.

  • The power of the Word of God - Pastor John Hagee (Español - English)

    Episode 18

    Remain faithful to the powerful Word of God - it is the guide we need, the authority of our lives and the anchor that sustains us in true faith. Never take the Word for granted. Become a doer of all you read in the Bible because it is the life of God and the gate that leads us to the unlimited ri...

  • Hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit - Pastor Manuela Castellanos

    Episode 19

    If you have ever felt like you didn't know what to do and you have found it hard to hear the voice of God, this message will help you understand that you simply need to open your spiritual ears and allow Him to guide you toward your purpose. It's time to enter into the presence of the Lord.

  • The path to restitution - Pastor Emma Claudia Castellanos

    Episode 20

    Do you feel that the enemy has stolen from you? There is a very special prophetic word for all those who have lost fruit and who feel the enemy has tried to mark them negatively; God brings restoration but it is a path we must walk in fasting, prayer and obedience to the Word.

  • How to know the presence of Jesus daily - Rvd Benny Hinn (Español - English)

    Episode 21

    Your body is a covering but inside of you, there is a treasure - the presence of God. What we need to do to discover that treasure is very simple: our flesh needs to die. The only way Jesus can be seen in our lives is by living for Christ and dying to our flesh.

  • The power of forgiveness - Pastor John Hagee (Español - English)

    Episode 22

    Are you living a life full of hope? Your hope cannot be limited by who you are or what you have, it must always be in the Lord and in what He has already planned for you and your family. If you find hard to trust in God, keep in mind that He already has a wonderful destiny for you, just grow in t...