Unción de Multiplicación 2022

Unción de Multiplicación 2022

5 Seasons

El Señor está llamando a miles de pastores y líderes alrededor del mundo para que sean equipados y puedan asumir su llamado para extender el Reino de Dios en las naciones de la tierra. ¡Disfruta esta serie!

Unción de Multiplicación 2022
  • For you, Lord - Pastor Eline Guerra

    Episode 1

    None of our efforts to accumulate riches, fame or glory will ever be comparable to an eternity with Him, having worked for God as the only One who deserves everything.
    One of our biggest mistakes as men and women who want to fulfill His call is to do things for our personal benefit; the most impo...

  • Time to come out of your hiding place - Pastor Wes Richards

    Episode 2

    Although you might think that God has forgotten about you because you are yet to see amazing things, remember that He is a God of purposes and new beginnings. Although circumstances in your life may have extinguished the fire of God' s call in your life, now is the time to renew your strength.

  • Pay your debts - Pastor Erika Berrios

    Episode 3

    Do you have outstanding debts to pay? If you have been living in lack in the different areas of your life; financially, ministerially, personally, or spiritually, this message is for you. God is a God of abundance and if you believe in Him with all your heart and begin to settle your accounts, yo...

  • Focus - Pastor Daniel Berrios

    Episode 4

    Although there may be times when you feel you aren't advancing or you aren't growing in your purpose as you did at first, your focus should be to not stop doing what God sent you to do - to raise a generation for Him. Do not look backwards in your calling, look ahead because what is coming will b...

  • Come back to the heart of God - Pastor Martha Iriarte

    Episode 5

    This is a message for those who feel far from God and want to return to Him. Do not allow guilt to distance you from His heart because He is a Father, who will always be waiting for you with open arms.

  • A desire for descendants - Pastor Abelardo Rojas

    Episode 6

    When what we desire most in our hearts is to raise a family for God, he is pleased and our prayers are answered.
    Become that leader who is willing to cry out for your generation, for your nation, for your family and to leave a legacy that honors the name of God.

  • Interview: Pastors John and Janeth Wilson - Pastor Emma Claudia Castellanos

    Episode 7

    Pastors John and Janeth Wilson decided to be instruments in the hands of God for the healing of the children they have adopted. This touching testimony will bless many families who have felt that call to adopt and will give them the faith needed to conquer this miracle.

  • It's time to come out of the cave - Pastor Sara Castellanos

    Episode 8

    When the people of Israel were most afraid of their enemy, God gave them a command: Get out of your cave! God wants to speak that same command to your heart today. Get out of where the enemy has placed you through fear and be assured that the future He has for you is bigger than you think.
    You ca...

  • Prophecy to the nations - Pastor Emma Claudia Castellanos

    Episode 9

    During this moment of prophetic anointing, God poured out a specific word for different nations. We invite you to listen to every word and believe in faith so that they will bear fruit in the place where you live.

  • Interview: Pastor Cesar with influential global Pastors

    Episode 10

    Pastor Wes Richards from the United Kingdom, Pastor Bert Pretorius from South Africa and Pastor Eduard Deremova from Russia share their experiences of how they are winning their nations for Christ. Each one of them is an inspiration to many and we know that through their experiences God will brin...

  • Monologue: the way to Damascus - Pastor Fernando Ramos

    Episode 11

    Have you had an encounter with Jesus? Through this monologue, discover that God is a God of new beginnings and that the Lord is waiting for you to open your heart to a have a revelation of the cross. Your life will never be the same.

  • Cultivating the eternal - Pastor Manuela Harding

    Episode 12

    The best legacy you can leave in this world is setting your eyes on eternal things - those that are not seen but that make a difference in people's hearts.

  • Lord, let me enter the promised land - Pastor Esteban Chavez

    Episode 13

    Prepare to enter the land that God promised you, that spacious place where you will see that the Lord was faithful and that He has not failed.
    Your heart attitude to accept the great challenges in life will show whether you are fit to fulfill the mission. Moses cried out to the Lord to allow him ...

  • Just worship - Pastor Rich Harding

    Episode 14

    God is the only one who deserves your worship. Rebuild that altar of worship that will bring the presence of God into your life.
    This message is a call to those who want to worship in spirit and truth the only one who deserves all the worship. When you do this, your enemies will flee and your aut...

  • Connected to the source - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 15

    How can we remain in God? Always being connected to the Word of God will cleanse our lives again and again and that transformation will produce fruit in abundance. Decide today to stand firm in what God has spoken to you so that your faith can grow and you can begin to enjoy the fullness God has ...

  • The jailer's family - Pastor Laudjair Guerra

    Episode 16

    In a place of difficulty, confinement, doubts or not knowing what to do, where everything seems to be against you, there is an opportunity for salvation.

  • Character the foundation of the vision - Pastor Rafael Perez

    Episode 17

    Raising a work for God requires working deeply on your character. This message will lead you to discover what the Lord is looking for in your heart so that you can be an approved worker who completes His mission.

  • Tribute to Pastor Luis Barrios - Pastor Emma Claudia Castellanos

    Episode 18

    For over three decades, Pastor Luis Barrios has been serving the Lord and his family is the fruit of this. All of his children are pastors in various nations and his grandchildren also serve the Lord. This interview is an inspiration for many leaders and pastors to always remember that serving Go...

  • Interview: Rafael and Luz Janeth Perez - Pastor Emma Claudia Castellanos

    Episode 19

    Pastors Rafael and Jenny Perez, who are currently in the city of Santiago, Chile, tell us about their process towards developing the fullness of their call.
    If you still doubt that God can use you, this testimony is for you - to remind you that if He was the One who called you, He will give you t...

  • No sacrifice, no reward - Pastor Saul Salamanca

    Episode 20

    Despite the fact that there are promises yet to be fulfilled and questions yet to be answered, there is one truth that we should always be clear about and that is that God is in the midst of every circumstance.
    He will fulfill His purpose in your life, and you will complete the work the Lord entr...

  • Order, the great principle of multiplication - Pastor Jorge Andres Cataño

    Episode 21

    Many of the things we long for haven't come to pass because we haven't learned to first put our lives, families, finances, and ministry in order.

  • From slavery to freedom - Pastor Emma Claudia Castellanos

    Episode 22

    God's promises will be fulfilled in your life. Even when it seems like you are in slavery and you cannot see what lies ahead, your trust should be in the God who can set you free from all fear.

  • Families that are light - Pastors Eliemerson & Johanna Proenca

    Episode 23

    God can use your life to bring freedom to your family. He will first have to work in your heart to remove the bondage that is still present. However, do not doubt, keep hold of your faith - He is in control in the lives of those you love the most.

  • The abandoned promise - Pastor Lau Guerra

    Episode 24

    Even though time passes, the circumstances seem to be contrary to what you believed and your faith has weakened, there are promises that are yet to be fulfilled!
    Do not abandon the race out of fear; keep trusting in God's promises until the end because you will see a reward and in you the nation...