Somos Uno 2022

Somos Uno 2022

4 Seasons

Somos los jóvenes que son luz en este mundo, somos la diferencia, SOMOS LA CONTRACORRIENTE de esta sociedad. Llevamos el Nombre de Jesús a todo lado, somos uno con ÉL, SOMOS la DIFERENCIA.
¡Alégrate, oh pueblo de Sion! ¡Grita de triunfo, oh pueblo de Jerusalén! Mira, tu rey viene hacia ti. Él es justo y victorioso, ¡Qué espléndidos y hermosos serán! Los jóvenes florecerán con la abundancia de grano y las jóvenes con el vino nuevo. - Zacarias 9 -

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Somos Uno 2022
  • Living for Christ - Pastor Lau Guerra

    Episode 1

    When this conference ends, what God wants to do in and through you will not end - you already know the One who is the Way. What you have received is not for you only, but for others also, because if you remain silent, others will die. If you are discouraged, it is because you are not doing anyth...

  • Seven sneezes - Pastors Orlando and Ruth Jimena Castañeda

    Episode 2

    The Samaritan woman received the prophet Elisha in her home without expecting anything in return. Serving the prophet of God changed her life, because a year later his words came to pass and she gave birth to a son. That son represents a new generation. Her son died from a severe pain in his head...

  • Panel: Counterculture - Pastors Lau y Sara Guerra

    Episode 3

    It is not time to keep quiet, it is time to take a stand. We are part of the army that Jesus will use to open the minds and hearts of this generation. We are called to be like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. They were firm in their principles, they spoke up, and they were willing to give their li...

  • The pyramid of perfection - Pastor Rich Harding

    Episode 4

    Discover practical steps towards perfection in your spiritual maturity. We should be pefect in our attitudes, that is, in our minds. Our attitude determines where we are heading, and our way of thinking directs our lives. Therefore, we need to be mature in our attitudes toward God. The way we thi...

  • Receiving the heritage - Pastor Emma Claudia Castellanos

    Episode 5

    We need to understand what repentance truly means. Repentance is like a light that goes on in our life and our mind. If you go through genuine repentance, you will see how the Holy Spirit helps you. Repentance is a decision, it is changing your way of thinking. Without repentance, faith does not ...

  • The mark of the Holy Spirit - Pastor Johanna Castellanos

    Episode 6

    To know the Holy Spirit, you need to seek Him, ask Him to come upon your life and your nation. Perhaps you have known Jesus for a long time, but remember that when Christ ascended to the Father, He left us the Holy Spirit. It is time to know the Holy Spirit.
    It's time to long for Pentecost!

  • Led by the Spirit - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 7

    You cannot have God and continue in sin, you cannot serve two masters at the same time.
    If you have the Lord as your Shepherd, this means that everything is within your reach, everything is complete. If you feel incomplete it is because you have not yet made the Lord your Shepherd.
    The Lord knows...

  • Race of faith - Pastor Gloria Salamanca

    Episode 8

    Seek God for your own life, your anointing and your relationship with Him, don't seek someone else's. Remember that your race of faith is public, not private.
    You need to learn to long for God's discipline. First, get rid of sin and run towards your goal.
    The Lord has fixed his eyes on us because...

  • Call of duty - Pastor Pearson Pretorius

    Episode 9

    Timothy was a young pastor like you, but Paul reminded him that he was a soldier of Jesus Christ.
    The church is not a meeting; the church is the army of God, which means that you are a soldier in His army.
    You cannot forget that once the conference is over, there is a battlefield to which you mus...

  • Panel creative - Pastor Lau Guerra and Andres Cufino

    Episode 10

    As Christians we do not pursue success but to exalt Christ in every way. God is the one who opens the way for you because of your obedience. If you want to succeed in life you have to do something different and the difference is Jesus.
    Learn practical tips to achieve your dream of glorifying Chri...

  • The 5 Christian disciplines - Pastor Manuela Harding

    Episode 11

    Through this message you'll learn about spiritual disciplines to strengthen your relationship with God and protect yourself from the attacks of the enemy. A soldier does not depend on circumstances, he is always ready and willing to live for the one who called him.

  • The desperate prayer - Pastor Sara Castellanos

    Episode 12

    The Lord longs to work in your life, but He is waiting for you so that He can intervene: through your desperate prayer. There is a point when you realize you can't do anything, you just need God's intervention, a miracle! The Lord is waiting for your prayer to show mercy on you as you cry out to ...

  • Past, present and future - Pastor Alain Alonso

    Episode 13

    Men in the past, like Noah and Daniel, determined to be obedient to the Lord and were rewarded. When you determine to follow Jesus, your rebellion is nailed to the cross. You are the generation of the future, the one that does not give in to sin, a generation that does not keep quiet. There is a ...

  • Panel: A longing for holiness - Pastor Gloria Salamanca

    Episode 14

    A change of life in us is not a single event, it is a process. Holiness is the transformation of the relationship we have with God as we are transformed into the image of God. Holiness does not simply mean to stop sinning or doing wrong things. It is about living for God. Perhaps, we have thought...

  • On your knees - Pastor Julian Gamba

    Episode 15

    Let us not kneel before the prince of this world. Rather, let us kneel before the Kingdom of God. Such humility will give us authority. This world celebrates pride, but we celebrate humility. Remember that authority comes when we are humble and submitted to God. The one who wants to be the first ...

  • Focus on the vision - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 16

    Accepting Jesus implies paying a price - letting go of the old way of living. Everything must be set aside in order to obtain the precious pearl: Jesus!
    To enjoy the precious pearl, we must give up everything that is part of our past. When we have an encounter with Jesus, our old nature must come...

  • Panel: What is the Gospel? - Pastors Lau and Sara Guerra

    Episode 17

    We must die to our plans in order to serve Christ. The Gospel is about letting go of our plans and accepting the life Christ has for us. Sometimes, we want to follow Christ without letting go of our past life. But we cannot disguise the reality. The Gospel is about dying to ourselves. Everyone wh...

  • God's somebody - Pastor Lau Guerra

    Episode 18

    God is seeking someone who will tell Him "Here am I. Send me." He is not looking for qualified people. The calling that God gives us has a high price. Understand that everything that has value in this life must be conquered with a high price!