Reformadores 2019

Reformadores 2019

2 Seasons

Nacer a la visión de Dios en tu vida es comenzar a ver un fruto abundante en todas las áreas, determínate a rendirte a los pies de Jesús para que el pueda traer libertad, sanidad, restauración y la consecuencia será ver fructificación en el llamado que Dios te mando hacer

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Reformadores 2019
  • It all starts with the Passover - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 1

    Because the first Adam failed, judgement came, but God sent His Son, Jesus, so that we could be redeemed. Just as the people of Israel were protected by the Passover, through the blood that would represent Jesus' sacrifice, He prepared a Lamb for our sins and for the protection of the human race....

  • The Good Shepherd School - Pastor Orlando Castañeda

    Episode 2

    God wants to raise up a generation of good shepherds. He longs to give us a harvest but we need to train leaders after His own heart who will be moldable. Do you want to pastor this generation? This message will help you understand how to be pastored and how to pastor others according to the hear...

  • God has a purpose for your life - Pastor Eliemerson Proenca

    Episode 3

    Learn to rest in God, to hear His Word and to be sensitive to His voice. Perhaps you have been facing unpleasant situations, but that is where you need to make the decision to surrender to the will of God and allow Him to guide you.

  • Winners out, losers in - Prophet Ronny Oliveira

    Episode 4

    There is type of brokenness that only comes when you experience great loss; such an experience can make you cry until you feel you have no strength left. There is a time to cry but there is also a time to stand again. This mesage will help you place your trust in the God who can do all things. Ev...

  • No more paralysis - Prophet Ronny Oliveira

    Episode 5

    God knows the efforts you made to remain standing during the trial. Don't give up. Perhaps you have felt paralyzed in your faith, looking around without any hope for the future. However, God is a God of opportunities. Break the glass ceilings in your life and watch how God opens doors. He knows y...

  • Walk Like Reformers - Pastor Rich Harding

    Episode 6

    Many times, the fear we experience is a form of comfort that tries to cause us to evade the responsibilities God is giving us to fulfill His purposes. The Lord is encouraging you to be a reformer of your own life, removing every obstacle you have raised up. This message will help you understand t...

  • A New Beginning - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 7

    The Passover was the beginning of everything, it marked a before and after in time. This was also reflected in the ministry of Jesus. He was given as the Passover Lamb and so, a new beginning began, a before and after Christ. As believers, we need to have a personal encounter with Jesus to experi...

  • Just Do It - Pastor Julian Gamba

    Episode 8

    Many focus on external changes but our security comes from our relationship with God. We inspire others through the way we live our lives. There are times when you need to be the example and the one who needs to make decisions. God is telling you today: Just do it.

  • The presence of God opens the door - Prophet Ronny Oliveira

    Episode 9

    There are keys that open doors, but sometimes the Lord decides to open the door Himself. The door that the key could not open will be opened by the presence of God. We must carry the presence of God in our lives and the doors will open. It is not about you, but about His Presence. Remember: the e...