Mujeres de Influencia 2021

Mujeres de Influencia 2021

5 Seasons

El llamado de Dios se hará realidad en tu vida, Él te ha equipado con talentos únicos, te ha convertido en su instrumento para llevar salvación y transformación social, y aunque a veces parezca que tu vida no tiene sentido, no te desanimes, los sufrimientos, las aflicciones y las pruebas son parte de este proceso, cada día que pasa te vas acercando más
¡Dios cumplirá su propósito en ti!

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Mujeres de Influencia 2021
  • Acts 29:21 - Pastor Marcia Barrios

    Episode 1

    Despite the difficult circumstances, your story has not ended. You can still write the next chapter, full of miracles, healings and God's divine intervention. With the help of the Holy Spirit, you will be able to enter into a new scene in the movie of your life.

  • Workshop How to be highly productive woman - Pastor Geraldine Ballano

    Episode 2

    It is not just about being productive. Without a doubt, a woman of God is always guided by the Holy Spirit in all she needs to do each day so that she can bear much fruit. It's not about getting rich or filling our time with activities. It's about bearing fruit, being inspired by the Lord, and ha...

  • Restoring our image - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 3

    You were created with a purpose. Your nature needs to be transformed so that you can fulfill that purpose because the old nature will prevent you from living in the fullness of the call of God. When you walk in freedom, you will be able to live out God's dream for you. Live an overly abundant life!

  • Workshop Ignite a revival - Pastor Johanna Proenca

    Episode 4

    The Holy Spirit is the One who helps us understand how to bring revival to our nation. Revival comes when there is a spirit of supplicant prayer. Allow the Lord to awaken your heart to intercession and miracles will occur in your life, family and ministry. Awaken to revival!

  • Workshop Women of influence in government - Pastor Angela Sánchez

    Episode 5

    God has chosen us to be kings and priests on this earth. As well as being called to ministry, we have also been called to be a positive influence in our societies, communities and nations. God has given you a specific territory (neighborhood, city, nation) so that you can be a blessing and bring ...

  • Workshop Kingdom families - Pastor Manuela Harding

    Episode 6

    As women, we have the responsibility to raise priestly familes and protect the concept of family found in the Word of God. We are called to raise families in Christ and to protect this new generation. Through you, your home will be blessed because marriages and families are a priority to the Lord.

  • God, my greatest influence - Pastor Kuna Sepulveda

    Episode 7

    Rahab is in the hall of fame of the faith because she allowed God to be the greatest influence in her life. If you make Him your greatest adviser today, you will also be able to touch the lives of many and bring out the best in them. The leadership of the Holy Spirit will help you grow and advanc...

  • Virtuous woman - Pastor Emma Claudia Castellanos

    Episode 8

    The world is constantly telling us what kind of women we should be and how we should behave. However, the Word of God gives us clear standards about how we are to live. Learn to see yourself in the reflection of the Word so that you can become the woman the Lord longs for and so that you can bles...

  • Time to bear fruit - Pastor Martha Iriarte

    Episode 9

    Do you constantly feel dissatisfied in life? It's time to bear fruit in abundance! You are planted in the best vineyard and the moment has arrived to grow so that you can influence the lives of many. You were created to bear fruit, so do not allow the enemy to steal your time. You will conceive a...

  • A woman of God through her faith in God - Pastor Charne Pretorius

    Episode 10

    Faith is something supernatural and the power that allows us to transform our surroundings. It is neither an emotion nor a feeling. Through faith, we can transform our adverse circumstances and receive the promises found in the Word. God has given you a measure of faith so that you can please Him...

  • Influential and relevant - Pastor Luisa Leiva

    Episode 11

    There is a new beginning available for your calling and ministry. It is time to go back to doing what you were created for with the help of the Holy Spirit, with His seal on your heart. The time has come to reawaken to the calling He has given you and to bear fruit in abundance.

  • Homes of light - Pastor Johanna Proenca

    Episode 12

    You were born to be a woman of influence. The strength and courage to light up the darkness in this generation is in you. The eyes of many are on you because you are and you transmit something different. Allow the light that is in you, which is the very light of Jesus, to illuminate many hearts a...

  • Mothers of influence - Pastor Gloria Salamanca

    Episode 13

    A mother is able to significantly influence her children's lives. You can decide to transmit the right message to your generations and raise up a generation that serves the Lord.

  • Pass the place of disappointment - Pastor Olga Deremova

    Episode 14

    Although in this world we may walk through the valley of bitterness and sadness and experience pain and disappointment, in God we can turn our moment of greatest adversity into the season of greatest joy and blessing when we forgive and allow God's light to shine through us.

  • All your sins are forgiven - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 15

    Your life is of great value and can only be redeemed through the death of Christ on the cross. The day you accept and receive the blessings that come from His sacrifice, you will receive freedom and forgiveness of sins. His sacrifice exists in the continuous present tense - so when we learn and d...

  • Redeemed by His blood - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 16

    Only through the blood of Jesus can we receive redemption and forgiveness of sins. The blood of Jesus is God's atomic weapon, able to cleanse us of all our transgressions. The Lord loves you and forgives you and He has given us His blood so that we can live in victory.

  • How to make your desert flourish - Pastor Sally Harding

    Episode 17

    Our passion and desire to be in the presence of God will make a profound difference in our lives. Become desparate as never before to dwell in His courts as this is how the desert in your life will begin to flourish. The Lord wants to fulfil a great purpose in you, but this will only happen when ...

  • The correct source - Pastor Manuela Harding

    Episode 18

    As a woman of influence, the Word of God can change your life in such a way that it becomes the basis for your decisions. You will then be able to positively bless your social circle, your marriage and your family. The rest of your life will depend on the decisions you make.

  • Love at its best - Pastor Patricia Rojas

    Episode 19

    It's time to know the essence of Jesus' heart more fully. The Lord's love will help and teach you to love through His example. He washed His disciples' feet as an act of love because He wanted to remove from their lives every mark that would prevent them from carrying out their mission on the ear...

  • A leaf of hope - Pastor Margarita Cataño

    Episode 20

    Just as in the life of Noah, there is a promise the Lord has made you that will be fulfilled at the right time. God is working in you before He gives you what He has promised and He is working on what you long for even when you can't see anything. We cannot allow the circumstances to condition ou...

  • Super joy - Pastor Perla Mora

    Episode 21

    The time to shine has come. The fruit of the Holy Spirit is joy and the Lord is the One who wants to fill you with a supernatural joy, even in the most difficult circumstances. He is the One who gave you life and He wants you to enjoy it fully so that you can serve Him in freedom.

  • Olga's connection - Pastor Olga Morales

    Episode 22

    As a woman of influence, it is important that you connect to Jesus, the correct source, and that you relate to Him in a genuine and personal way. Don't allow this chaotic world and the worries of this life to disconnect you from His love. Don't allow anything or anyone to get in the way of your r...

  • The encounter - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 23

    The first blessing you receive in an encounter is the assurance of salvation. As a woman of influence, it is important that you meet with the Lord Jesus, who will minister to your life so that you too can bring freedom to others. When you meet with Jesus, your life will change completely and you ...

  • Mothers of a new generation - Pastor Clara Sandoval

    Episode 24

    The Lord is enabling us to lay aside all barrenness in the ministry. Today, we can influence and lead the youth and children in our nations because the power of God lives in us. The lives and freedom of the new generations depend on our prayers. They need the life and hope that only Jesus can give.