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  • Restoring our image - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    You were created with a purpose. Your nature needs to be transformed so that you can fulfill that purpose because the old nature will prevent you from living in the fullness of the call of God. When you walk in freedom, you will be able to live out God's dream for you. Live an overly abundant life!

  • The light shines brightest after the darkest night - Pastor Emma Claudia

    Don't forget that the light shines brightest after the darkest night. Those moments of difficulty don't define your future or calling. Everything changes when you leave your challenging circumstances in the Lord's hands.

  • Panel: What is the Gospel? - Pastors Lau and Sara Guerra

    We must die to our plans in order to serve Christ. The Gospel is about letting go of our plans and accepting the life Christ has for us. Sometimes, we want to follow Christ without letting go of our past life. But we cannot disguise the reality. The Gospel is about dying to ourselves. Everyone wh...

  • Workshop: Fatherhood and multiplication - Pastor Rafael Perez

    When someone has received a correct fatherhood he has a healthy identity and has no problem knowing who he is in God and what his purpose is.
    The Father doesn't love your works he just loves you because you are his child. Don't allow anyone or anything to change your status as a child of God. The...

  • Panel: Counterculture - Pastors Lau y Sara Guerra

    It is not time to keep quiet, it is time to take a stand. We are part of the army that Jesus will use to open the minds and hearts of this generation. We are called to be like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. They were firm in their principles, they spoke up, and they were willing to give their li...

  • Panel: A longing for holiness - Pastor Gloria Salamanca

    A change of life in us is not a single event, it is a process. Holiness is the transformation of the relationship we have with God as we are transformed into the image of God. Holiness does not simply mean to stop sinning or doing wrong things. It is about living for God. Perhaps, we have thought...

  • Redeemed from the curse - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    The enemy tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden and the woman fell into the trap, the first couple opened the door to sin, but Jesus in the desert overcame the temptation. The enemy wanted to seduce Jesus with material things, which is the same strategy that he is currently using. Once Jesus overcame...

  • Seven sneezes - Pastors Orlando and Ruth Jimena Castañeda

    The Samaritan woman received the prophet Elisha in her home without expecting anything in return. Serving the prophet of God changed her life, because a year later his words came to pass and she gave birth to a son. That son represents a new generation. Her son died from a severe pain in his head...

  • Mothers of influence - Pastor Gloria Salamanca

    A mother is able to significantly influence her children's lives. You can decide to transmit the right message to your generations and raise up a generation that serves the Lord.

  • Workshop: Roof breakers - Pastor Orlando Castañeda

    The roof breakers don't stop under any circumstance, they are part of the vision which is to win souls for Jesus. God wants you to be committed to win others, don't be satisfied with just receiving the message for yourself, share it with others.

  • Jesus comes before the miracle happens - Prophet Ronny Oliveira

    When God doesn't work a miracle in you it is because He wants to do it through you, you can be the answer to someone else's prayer. Don't get tired of serving the Lord, God will surprise you in your service. Cry out to the Lord, because the cry awakens Jesus and makes him stand up. There are crie...

  • Rich and with no worries - Pastor Julián Flechas

    God's blessing is the richness that comes without any worries. Remove every argument in your thinking, the Lord longs to bless you. If you want to access God's blessings stop thinking poorly. Change your way of thinking and be born to faith.

  • What to do with your sexual impulses? - Pastor Laudjair Guerra

    Friends are the greatest influence in the life of a human being, so set up a shield of protection by choosing the right friends. Through this message, you will learn principles to control your body, to be a man who says No to sin and who thinks about the consequences of his actions.

  • Workshop: Raising a faithful priesthood - Pastors Barrios

    Prayer is the secret to keep the family together. The Lord longs for you to serve Him but also to raise up a priestly family, an offspring for Him. The priest is called to serve his family and be an example. If you long to become that priest, start walking with God's anointed every day of your li...

  • My vows - Pastor Sara Castellanos

    The love of God should be the foundation of our faith and walk with Christ. It is important that our relationship with the Lord is genuine and based in love. What kind of intimacy and communion have you built with the Lord? What is the driving force of your faith? If you have allowed your relatio...