Fructificar 2021

Fructificar 2021

4 Seasons

Nacer a la visión de Dios en tu vida es comenzar a ver un fruto abundante en todas las áreas, determínate a rendirte a los pies de Jesús para que el pueda traer libertad, sanidad, restauración y la consecuencia será ver fructificación en el llamado que Dios te mando hacer

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Fructificar 2021
  • Vision Panel - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 1

    The foundational aspects of Christian doctrine are repentance, faith in God, baptism, the laying on of hands, the resurrection from the dead and eternal judgment. Each of these doctrinal teachings requires explanation. Pastor Cesar explains these foundational doctrines, which we need to know as c...

  • The power of faithfulness - Pastor Laudjair Guerra

    Episode 2

    Faithfulness means being full of faith. A faithful person will abound in blessings, regardless of the circumstances and those who are faithful enjoy the Lord's protection. It is not possible to enjoy the blessings of a faithful God by living a life of unfaithfulness. Discover how to receive the L...

  • Workshop: A vaccine for couples - Pastors Laudjair and Eline Guerra

    Episode 3

    We all need this vaccine of protection and healing in our marriages. Perhaps you have been through times of sickness in your relationship or you have not given your marriage the honor it was due. Discover practical tips to help your marriage flourish in every area. ¡Enjoy this message!

  • Workshop: Christians in politics - Pastors Sara Guerra and Angela Espinosa

    Episode 4

    As Christians, we are called to be light in society and we need to remember that there is a price to pay to defend our Christian principles and values. The Lord has given us the mission to govern; He made us in His image and likeness so that we could fulfill His call. However, this is something w...

  • Victorious oak trees - Pastor Johanna Castellanos

    Episode 5

    The stem in a tree resembles our character in Christ and we weaken or we strengthen. Do you want to be grounded in the word?
    We must be intentional with our spiritual discipline, our family in order to see fruit not only in one area but in all of them. If you feel that you are disconnected from t...

  • Discover the intercessor in you - Pastor Janeth Barrios

    Episode 6

    When God looks at the earth, he is looking for people with specific characteristics to use them in this chaos where governments are making their decisions, where young people are confronted with liberality, where women believe they have the power to kill their children in the womb and governments...

  • Healthy heart abundant fruit - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 7

    It is necessary to have a healthy heart because when your self-esteem is hurt you cannot see the blessings that God has for you.
    If you are connected to the source you can bear much fruit. Through this message you will confront your life and it will lead you to understand that there is more bless...

  • The birth of the fruit - Pastors Lau and Sara Guerra

    Episode 8

    We need to die to be born again, to be sterile to bear fruit.
    We can be a seed or a grain with potential but if we have not died we will not see the fruit and we cannot see that for which we were called.
    That change of nature comes with a genuine birth. Have you had a difficult situation that led...

  • Interview Pastor Lawrence Khong - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 9

    If you have big dreams and want to serve God in the ministry, this interview will give you the keys to be able to do a great work in his kingdom.
    Pastor Lawrence's facet within the world of entertainment is an evangelism tool to reach each person who does not know God and through his show ""Magic...

  • Discover the intercessor in you - Pastor Anne Graham Lotz

    Episode 10

    When God looks at the earth, he is looking for people with specific characteristics to use them in this chaos where governments are making their decisions, where young people are confronted with liberality, where women believe they have the power to kill their children in the womb and governments...

  • What can be blocking your fruit? - Pastor Anne Graham Lotz

    Episode 11

    In this in-depth study of the Churches of Revelation, Pastor Anne Graham will show you some principles that will lead you to identify those blockages that prevent you from bearing fruit.
    Maybe you are committed to the lord and His kingdom but the question is; Are you doing things for love? becaus...

  • Interview Prophet Bill Hamon - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 12

    In this interview Pastor Cesar asks prophet Bill Hammon very important questions to understand the prophetic times and we will understand that we are at the gates of a third reform as a church where nations in general play a determining role the church will be very key to see the harvest of souls...

  • Free to be fruitful - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 13

    The first couple in the Garden of Eden received God's blessing and is accompanied by fruitfulness, when you can experience freedom from bondage it opens a path to fulfill God's vision in your life.
    In this conference you will be able to follow steps to obtain a complete deliverance and thus bear ...

  • Getting to know the Holy Spirit - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 14

    Knowing the Holy Spirit is a desire we need to be born in our hearts every day. When we are governed by Him, as children of God, we are able to learn how to make the best decisions in every area of our lives and we receive the strength needed to conquer in our calling.

  • Do not take your Holy Spirit from me - Pastor Esteban Chaves

    Episode 15

    Maybe you have gotten used to talking about the Holy Spirit and you think you have a relationship with Him, but today we invite you to get to know Him in depth and strengthen your relationship with Him.
    How is your relationship with the Holy Spirit? When you renew your anointing and you will be a...

  • Interview with Pastor Bill Jonhson - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 16

    God wants transformation in the nation where you are, God sees beyond the four walls of the church because you are His church.
    Is your life a reflection of God's nature? This interview will help you understand how the church should be a place of service and refuge in these difficult times since w...

  • How to be a conqueror - Pastor Lawrence Khong

    Episode 17

    I want to ask you a question, what problem do you have? We think we are the only ones who have them, but a life free of problems is like a mirage in the desert
    The bible says it even if you are a Christian you will have problems even so God wants us to be conquerors and what makes us conquerors i...

  • Getting ready for a great harvest - Prophet Bill Hamon

    Episode 18

    Wherever the pandemic wanted to come, the glory of God will go. Do you want to know the glory of God?
    Listen to this teaching, it brings a prophetic word for these times. Do you want to know what is about to happen in the nations of the earth?
    God wants to use Hispanic people and you can be one o...

  • God's design for your home - Pastors Rich and Manuela Harding

    Episode 19

    What is God's design for your home? You need to have the assurance that what God desires for your home is supernatural blessing - a family that blesses others. You can determine that as a family you belong to the Lord. Enjoy what it is to raise a home in the fear of the Lord and discover tips tha...

  • What does fasting mean? - Pastor Emma Claudia Castellanos

    Episode 20

    Do you want to learn to be sensitive to the voice of God? You get this sensitivity through fasting
    In this conference God wants to talk about that tool that he has left you, you will obtain some principles that if you apply them and meditate on them you can have victory over your adversities."

  • Standing firm - Prophet Cindy Jacobs

    Episode 21

    There is a thief who wants to steal, kill and destroy your life but we are called to stand firm. Put on your boots and get ready to stand your ground because although there is opposition, greater is He who is in you. Do you want to learn how to develop the muscles of faith? God has not given us a...