Florecer 2019

Florecer 2019

4 Seasons

Cuando es liberada la gracia de Dios; él cambia la muerte y trae vida. Por medio de estos poderosos mensajes prepárate para florecer ¿Necesitas que el gozo de Dios vuelva a tu vida? aprende a enfocarte en su presencia y recibir lo que necesitas en sus brazos

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Florecer 2019
  • Restoring our image - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 1

    When the image is restore we can see ourselves as God see us and only then can we achieve the true plan that God has. Is important that you can understand How is the image lost? What should we do to restore it? Applying these important tips you will be able to receive healing in your heart.

  • Sealing a love covenant - Pastor Johanna Castellanos

    Episode 2

    A covenant is forever, but the first convenant we must make is with Jesus. That covenant gives us identity, unites us to Christ, and makes us His. To enter into that covenant with God requires a process. Through the life of Moses, learn how to iniate a frienship with God until you reach the mount...

  • God's plan - Pastor Sara Castellanos

    Episode 3

    As daughters of God we must understand that God has a specific plan for each one of us. Maybe the God's plan for you is not the one you want, but the biggest enemy to reach the destiny that God has for you is your own will. Remember that in order to fulfill God's purpose in our lives the first th...

  • A new me - Pastor Lorena Castellanos

    Episode 4

    What is the legacy that you want to leave? Think on a phrase in which you can summarize your life's mission, that phrase will remind you of what God called you to do. To have a new you, the first thing you must do is recognize that it is you who must change. You have to be determined, decide to g...

  • Door of hope - Pastor Patricia Rojas

    Episode 5

    Moments of trial are the ones that most lead us to know God. Even though we may not like them, it is in those moments that our hearts turn completely to Him.
    Let your affliction be a door of hope for other women. They need to hear that powerful message when God was with you.

  • Return home - Pastor Doris Perla Mora

    Episode 6

    Each one is being invited to return to the palace to the king's table to your true home where there is a table of love, acceptance and inheritance for you. Take this time to receive that beautiful gift from your loving father.

  • Getting ready to bloom - Pastor Janeth Barrios

    Episode 7

    Today you should know this training from God Himself. He wants to teach you how you can remove arguments from your life that prevent you from flourishing.
    Are you able to prepare your life for this training today? Ready for your blessing?

  • One thing - Pastor Eline Guerra

    Episode 8

    Do you know what is most important to Jesus? Many people live in such a hurry, full of worry and anxiety, unaware of what actually pleases the Lord. A life surrendered at His feet that seeks His presence, and a close relationship with Him, is what draws His heart to us. That is when Jesus also ta...

  • Don't be bitter - Pastor Clara Sandoval

    Episode 9

    If each one of us understood that the Lord wants to change those moments of bitterness, of difficulty that bring us deep sadness. Today we would like to explain you some simple steps to get out of your condition or help others to get out of bitterness. We want you to identify yourself with each...

  • You will bloom profusely - Pastor Angela Sanchez

    Episode 10

    The promise says that flourishing does not depend on our circumstances or on our own thoughts. While many of us come to the Lord as soil that has been unable to bear fruit, that can all change as we receive the Word in our hearts. In which area of your life do you need to see abundant fruit? Beli...

  • Until it rains - Pastor Erika Berrios

    Episode 11

    If you have a lot of fruit, perhaps you are wondering what else God might have for your life right now. Or perhaps you are going through a very difficult time. You will learn how God wants to bring you to perfection, take you to another level and prepare you through pruning to bear more fruit. If...

  • Unbroken love - Pastor Luisa Leiva

    Episode 12

    This is your time to return in love with God, listen to his voice and understand that he does not look at your condition. Dare to scrutinize the heart of your beloved who gave his life for us. Do We really understand the depth of God's love?. Today we can feel loved in spite of any circumstance...

  • A blooming soul - Pastor Victoria Iraheta

    Episode 13

    Know principles to have a life of accelerated miracles, flourish and advance rapidly. First you must make the decision to completely surrender your life to the Lord, forget your past and give the legal right to the Lord to rescue your soul from oppression, pray with a hunger to be used by him.

  • Grace that leads you to live in freedom - Pastor Emma Claudia Castellanos

    Episode 14

    Whe we walk in abundant grace we are walking in Jesus' footsteps, this journey will lead us to acquire this new nature of service and passion for God, leading many women to freedom. Dare to walk together"

  • Belt yourself and don't slack - Pastor Gloria Salamanca

    Episode 15

    There is only one way to conquer a true fruit that does not end. Not be pretending to be who we are. Is when we understand that we have to adhere our life to the truth of word, we want to bring you to know the truths that make us stick to word and live it. We invite you to scrutinize with us the ...

  • We were chosen by God - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 16

    we have a nature that is contrary to us, that bring us problems, that wants to bend us from birth we have it. But today God through this teaching show us how we can change that DNA and acquire a new life and a new behavior for you and your family.

  • Principles of prosperity - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 17

    It is so important to be in contact with the Word, to be sensitive to God's voice and to understand that God wants to prosper us.

  • What is the fruit? - Pastor Ruth Jimena Castañeda

    Episode 18

    Have you ever asked yourself. What can we do to bear fruit? We find in the Bible fundamental principles to be that fruitful person in every area of our lives.

  • Responding to the call - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 19

    From the moment we have an encounter with Jesus, He calls us. Perhaps you have asked: What is God's call on my life? God can use your life to bring freedom to your family, your nation and everyone you know. It is so important that you know how to respond practically to His call.

  • The beauty of the desert - Pastor Anita Alonso

    Episode 20

    If in your life there are dry places, if you feel that there is not hope. There is a good new in God all the time even the desert makes sense and you can find what is the meaning of these difficult moments. For God there are no impossibilities, we will remind you of every promise and word from Go...