Coraje 2022

Coraje 2022

3 Seasons

Una mujer de coraje es una mujer que no teme a las adversidades. Por medio de cada conferencia Dios te esta equipando para ser esa mujer de Fe que ríe sin temor al futuro.

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Coraje 2022
  • Breaking point - Pastor Michelle de Boer

    Episode 1

    God seeks a transformation in our heart by bringing us to breaking point. He allows difficult situations so that we will seek Him. We invite you to watch this message so that you can understand that all your pain is a seed that will bear fruit.

  • El Shaddai - Pastor Charne Pretorius (Español - English)

    Episode 2

    This is an invitation to live a blameless life in faithfulness because God is calling you to transform you and show His faithfulness to the world.

  • Be courageous - Pastor Emma Claudia Castellanos

    Episode 3

    A courageous woman is a woman full of God. A courageous woman is always accompanied by faith, especially during difficult times. Through faith, we will be courageous. A courageous woman is an intercessor, who finds her strength in the Word.

  • Workshop: How to become productive women? - Pastor Charne Pretorius

    Episode 4

    As women, we need to learn to be diligent and that includes starting to organize our priorities. Learn how through this message.

  • A true encounter - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 5

    A true encounter with God is an experience you cannot miss. He wants to restore you and transform you into a new person.

  • Setting generations free - Pastor Jane Hamon

    Episode 6

    God raised up a woman called Deborah to break the yoke of the oppressor. She was a woman who heard the voice of God and brought victory to her nation. When you hear the voice of God, the Spirit breaks in and brings the victory. If you want to see a miracle, confess it in faith.

  • Saving a generation - Pastor Charne Pretorius

    Episode 7

    Hear about two women in the Bible, who through their obedience to the Lord, saved the lives of many Israelites. Remember that you are able to bring freedom to this generation and the next.

  • Respond to the call - Pastor Eline Guerra

    Episode 8

    God has called you. Although fear may have invaded your heart or you may have made excuses, you simply need to believe that if He called you, He will equip you so that you can bless many women around you.

  • Voices of triumph - Pastor Jane Hamon

    Episode 9

    You have the power to destroy all that the enemy has tried to raise up against you. You can do this by prophesying what the Lord has spoken to you through His Word.

  • Overcoming anxiety - Pastor Lorena Castellanos

    Episode 10

    If you find it hard to let go and you continually accumulate things that can cause stress and worry every day, this workshop will help you understand that you are called to be free from anxiety because Jesus has already paid the price for your freedom. Put these tips into practice and you will se...

  • Beloved Woman - Pastor Ivonne Centeno

    Episode 11

    If you open your heart to be in the presence of God, rejection and anguish will disappear from your life. This message will help you return to the true love of God our Father.

  • Now go out where it is deeper! - Pastor Johanna Castellanos

    Episode 12

    Are there storms that have started in your life? None of us are exempt from passing through storms or difficult times but when we understand that Jesus is by our side, there is no reason to feel fear or confusion. Trust that He is powerful enough to stop any storm.

  • Day of Victory - Pastor Sara Castellanos

    Episode 13

    God's promises should give us strength to continue during testing times and provide us with the fuel we need to reach our destiny. When you believe the promise God gave you, you will have the victory.

  • Seeking what God seeks - Pastor Manuela Harding

    Episode 14

    Being a mother is the most exciting adventure and the most important call God gives to us as women. Assume the call, live for others, take courage to transform your society and enjoy a fulfilled life, running the race God has called you to.

  • Who is your teacher? - Pastor Gloria Salamanca

    Episode 15

    Be sure to live for the gospel and to hold to sound teaching so that when times of testing come, your faith will not be shaken. Many women get caught up in the things of this world but the Lord Jesus has called us to fix our eyes on what is eternal (that which lasts forever).

  • Parents online - Leadership Robert and Marce

    Episode 16

    Every parent has the responsibility to raise their children in the fear of the Lord. It's very easy for our children to become confused and lose their purpose because of the things of this world. Listen to some practical tips that will help you know how to speak to your children about these issues.

  • The beauty of brokenness - Pastor Perla Mora

    Episode 17

    There is a woman in the Bible, who by pouring out her best and most expensive perfume, poured out her heart and pain in the presence of Jesus. She was rewarded, and even today, we hear her story told. You too can go to your safe place and pour out your pain in the presence of the Lord.

  • Women who protect their home - Pastor Martha Iriarte

    Episode 18

    Abigail was a woman of courage with a humble heart. She acted with intelligence to protect her home, giving David a generous offering that not only protected her home but also her destiny. Enjoy this message!

  • A conquering mind - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 19

    Woman do not allow thoughts of failure and fear because these will only lead you to defeat. In this sermon you will be encouraged to believe that God's plans are higher than yours.

  • I don't want to be just leaves - Pastor Marcela Page

    Episode 20

    What kind of fruit is in your heart? The evidence of much fruit is the condition of your heart. Allow the Holy Spirit to work on what matters most - your inner nature so that you can become a woman who remains and bears abundant fruit.

  • Women who bear fruit - Pastor Luisa del Rio

    Episode 21

    The virtuous woman of Proverbs 31 is a woman full of strength and great courage. The Lord is calling us to awaken to change the heart of our nation, but for this we must be free from oppresion and fear. Remember, the perfect love of God casts out all fear.

  • There is no victory without a battle - Pastor Janeth Barrios

    Episode 22

    God has placed in you a strength to conquer every area that is stuck in your life. Get ready because the battle is not yours, it belongs to the Lord.

  • Find me again - Pastor Clara Sandoval

    Episode 23

    The moments when we cannot see a way out are the moments when God most wants us to hear His voice. Learn to confront those things in your heart that God needs to remove so that you can meet with Him again.

  • Chosen to bear fruit - Pastor Angela Sánchez

    Episode 24

    Great fruit comes as the result of a great promise. God wants us to become mothers of nations through His word. Never let circumstances cause you to reject what God told you He would do in your life.