Convención Hombres 2023

Convención Hombres 2023

3 Seasons

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Convención Hombres 2023
  • We are a chosen lineage - Pastor Cesar Castellanos

    Episode 1

    We are children of God, children who have been chosen before the foundation of the world with the purpose of being holy, of being purified and therefore being delivered in order to show that our lineage, our descendants come from the same sovereign God.

  • The redeemer power of the blood of Jesus - Pastor cesar Castellanos

    Episode 2

    The blood of Jesus defeats the adversary, redeems us, forgives us, cleanses us, justifies us and sanctifies us. When we understand the power of the blood of Jesus in our lives, we can receive the joy of the Lord and this will transform every fiber of our being

  • The perfect plan - Pastor Sandro Garzon

    Episode 3

    It is within God's perfect plan that you understand: you are His purpose. He has called you under His perfect plan because He sees that you are His disciple, and as a disciple you are established by His faithfulness.

  • Prom 2023 - Pastor Jhon Espinosa

    Episode 4

    Having the spirit of worship leads us to touch the heart of the Father. This allows us to have the revelation of God in our lives. We will be surprised with what God will do in this time. Every trial must be won in secret. We must avoid the attacks of the enemy to protect our heart. It is time to...

  • Let's go hunting - Pastor Orlando Castañeda

    Episode 5

    When we identify those small habits and attitudes that make us sin and we decide to change, we will receive God's blessing. Men are being strongly attacked, but if we are in the center of God's will, we will be free and conquer for the Lord.

  • Solving Orphanhood - Pastor Marco Barrientos

    Episode 6

    The Spirit of God heals the hearts of those who have felt abandoned, it is important to understand that the Lord uses adoption and fatherhood to fulfil this purpose and it is reflected when He receives your shame, your guilt, your pain and exchanges it for His love.

  • Successful discipleship - Pastor Rafael Perez

    Episode 7

    God wants us to exalt His name and to depend on Him to have a successful discipleship. Dependence on God strengthens our character, it is necessary to remain silent to hear His voice so that He can give us direction, to really know Him, that is where God is known. We have to be faithful in the pl...

  • Leaving a legacy - Pastor Romulo Talero

    Episode 8

    You must be a strong and courageous man. When you surrender to God you can leave a legacy. We must seek that the power of God would change our character. He can do it in prayer, He sees your effort. Let's enter the presence of the Lord and recognize our sin. Let it be a time of repentance and ret...

  • The DNA of a warrior of Jesus Christ - Pastor Afredo Mora

    Episode 9

    Accepting the call is the best way to show our love for Jesus. Acceting Jesus give us the privilege of being part of His army. We must be obedient to the Word, the vision and our leaders. We must take care of the work and our leaders. It is necessary to have the right attitude to serve the Lord. ...

  • Fight for a soul - Pastor Alain Alonso

    Episode 10

    God can save souls by Himself, but he wants men who do justice, who love with mercy and who have a correct motivation to spread the gospel and save souls for Christ.

  • Be strong and be a man - Pastor Eliemerson Proenca

    Episode 11

    When we understand that Jesus is more than enough and that He wants to take us where He wants to put us, every storm and every difficult situation disappears; that storm is now part of the plan. Our faith becomes bolder and we begin to give the control of our lives to Jesus, we receive answers fr...

  • The ones who saw God - Pastor Lau Guerra

    Episode 12

    It is important to understand that in worship and in having a deeper relationship with God we will come to know him in a clearer way, a strong relationship is built daily and that is how it is with the Lord, may we learn to worship him, to contemplate him and this will lead us to turn to him

  • Securing the fruit - Pastor Julian Flechas

    Episode 13

    Consolidation is a process where God forms our character and He examines our hearts. The more He works in our hearts, the more we will be renewed, and the more love and compassion will increase for the lost. Also, as a team, we will be able to retain more fruit that the Lord entrusts us with.

  • Prepare yourself to give life - Pastor Carlos Iriarte

    Episode 14

    In order to give life to others it is necessary: to know the value of a soul for God, to understand that in this time we are people called to bring salvation. This will be achieved if we are willing and committed to giving the best of ourselves in order to earn their hearts and souls.